Web 2.0 Tools

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Web 2.0 Tools by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Tools

1. Social Networking Tools

1.1. Twitter

1.1.1. Twitter is an online news and social networking tool where you can collaborate, discuss, and research any topic you want.

1.2. LinkedIn

1.2.1. LinkedIn is an online professional social networking site where you can connect with other professionals in your field to exchange ideas, find employment opportunities, and build your professional file.

2. Video Tools

2.1. TeacherTube

2.1.1. TeacherTube is YouTube for educators. It is a video sharing website designed for educational purposes, which makes watching or sharing videos, documents, and photos in the classroom safe.

2.2. xtranormal

2.2.1. Xtranormal is an online tool, which you must purchase, for your students to make movies.

3. Assessment & Evaluation Tools

3.1. Kahoot

3.1.1. Kahoot is an online tool where you can administer quizzes or surveys to students to monitor their learning.

3.2. Quizlet

3.2.1. Quizlet is an online tool for students to make flashcards to study topics and take quizzes based on the flashcards they made.

3.3. Teach-nology

3.3.1. Teach-nology is an online resource for teachers, where they can make and find rubrics for all subject areas to help assess learning. This online resource also includes a lesson plan center to find and create lesson plans.

4. Inquiry Tools

4.1. WebQuests

4.1.1. WebQuests are inquiry-based lessons where the information students gather and learn comes from the web.

4.2. Mindmeister

4.2.1. Mindmeister is an online inquiry-based tool where students can drop, create, and share their ideas visually. This is a mindmapping tool.

5. Vocabulary Tools

5.1. visuwords

5.1.1. Visuwords is an online tool where students can get a visual representation of a word to make vocabulary connections.

5.2. Visual Dictionary

5.2.1. Visual Dictionary is an online tool where students can look up a word to receive the meaning, see a picture, and the different uses of the word.

6. Document Tools

6.1. Google Docs

6.1.1. Google Docs is an online word processor, which is free to sign up for, where you can create, share, and collaborate documents.

6.2. Adobe Buzzword

6.2.1. Adobe Buzzword is an online word processor, which you purchase, where you can create, edit, and store documents on the cloud. You can also convert PDFs into Word documents.