Major Depressive Disorder

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Major Depressive Disorder by Mind Map: Major Depressive Disorder

1. Definition

1.1. Generally known as depression

2. Causal factors

2.1. Exact cause is unknown due to multiple factors

2.2. Can be triggered by alcohol/drug abuse, certain medications

2.3. Biological factor

2.3.1. Monoamine hypothesis

2.4. Genetic factor

2.4.1. High risk among 1st degree relatives

2.4.2. involve multiple genes

2.5. Childhood trauma/abuse

2.5.1. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

2.6. Socio-cultural factors

2.6.1. Low socio-economic status

3. Symptoms

3.1. Experience 5 or more of the symptoms, at least once daily for more than 2 weeks *may differ between children and older people

3.2. Feelings of sadness, tearfulness, emptiness, hopelessness without reasons

3.3. Angry outbursts, irritability, frustration

3.4. Tiredness, lost of interest in previously enjoyed activites

3.5. Insomnia or sleeping too much

3.6. Eating disorders

3.7. Anxiety, restlessness, agitation during interaction with other people

3.8. Slow mental ability

3.9. Self blaming on past events

3.10. Frequent suicidal thoughts

3.11. Unexplained physical problems like headaches, back pain

3.12. Memory difficulties or personality changes (older adults)

4. Approaches/Theories

4.1. sddssd

4.1.1. dsdd

4.2. sdsdsd

4.2.1. fsdsd

4.3. dssa

4.4. dwdsws

5. Impacts

6. Treatments