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jQat by Mind Map: jQat

1. jQat - pronounced ( jay cat )

1.1. jQat is mostly just in concept. The Concept of some simple mixed medium programming that pivots on jQuery to Automate the configuration of Drop in Place Solutions.

2. jQat Software Modules

2.1. Recurring Payment Form

2.1.1. why jQat? You Currently Use You or Your Client needs to take Recurring payments using's ARB Service. You need a working solution and do not have staff to adapt the SDK to your needs with custom PHP and Html Forms

2.1.2. ok how? install drop jqat.php into a new folder on the site include jqat.php as a javascipt file on your site config navigate to the page where you which to install the jQat ARB form answer the configuration question on that page and pick where you want to display the ARB form test refresh the page verify with a test credit card

2.2. Font Happy with Google

2.2.1. why jQat? Its easier to point click and pick a file forgot all your css in highschool You or Your Client really needs a Web Font for asthetics

2.2.2. ok how? well... not sure yet, but once i do I make then I promise for it to be easy.