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my technology apps by Mind Map: my technology apps

1. edmodo

1.1. we use edmodo because it shows us our assignments or what ever the leader of your group puts on there

1.2. also because it is helpful if your teacher wants you to go to a new site they can put a link on there post and when you click on it will take you straight to the site

1.3. and finally we use edmodo because it helps you organize you work from when the teacher posts it

2. evernote

2.1. we use Evernote for our daily questions because its free and it helps you organize your notes so that when you have a test you can easily find them

2.2. and finally we use evernote because its easy to make notes all you have to do is click a little X and type what you want to type and press done

2.3. also we use ever note because its easy all you have to do to sign up is enter you email and password

3. thinglink

3.1. we used thinglink for a couple of weeks because its so easy all you have to do is click create and add a image

3.2. we also used it because it is free almost every thing we use is free but some stuff Mr G pays for so we can have a better experience

3.3. last of all we use thinglink because we want to be familiar with as many sites as posible because its good to know what your doing

4. pixton

4.1. we used pixton for a couple of weeks because you get to have a little taste of coding and you can make your own comic and make people move where you want them to

4.2. we also use pixton because when you nedd to make something for a nw person at your school you dont just want to give them a boring peice of paper you want to give them something that makes them think that you have a fun school so you can make a comic to tell them where every thing is at

4.3. and last of all we use pixton because its so easy you just click on what you want is to do its that easy

5. google draw

5.1. we used google draw for a couple of weeks because we had to trace a picture

5.2. we also use google draw because it has so many options to chose from in the top of the page you have a whole list of options

5.3. and last of all we use google draw because its so easy and its also free all you have to do is have a google account and even if you dont you can make one just by entering your email and password