Active Parental Guidance in Developing Adolescents

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Active Parental Guidance in Developing Adolescents by Mind Map: Active Parental Guidance in Developing Adolescents

1. Media: Personal video introduction from teacher (Me)

1.1. Welcoming viewers

1.2. Provide brief background about the topic: Parental guidance when in the academic setting

1.3. Note the fact that all sources have been cited on the references page for further clarification

2. Media: Information related to the statistical data representative of parental impact on their children's behavior, attitude, and development throughout adolescent/classroom

2.1. Tie active role of parents to positive encouragement and its affects on student outlook

2.1.1. Reference -- Guidance: Promoting Positive Behavior in School-Age Children | VLS

3. The video will be created using WeVideo

3.1. Professional Theme

3.2. 1 Minute Introduction option with recorded video

3.3. Images of students at school and at home (with parents around and parents not around to show attitude difference)

3.4. Deepening (melancholy) tone of music for the time when discussing absent parents

3.5. Upbeat tone of music when mentioning the notion of positive encouragement and active parental roles

4. Explain how an active parental role both in and out of an academic setting (such as sporting events, talent shows, homework assistance etc.) positive reinforces good behavior and performance for the student

4.1. Note: An active parental role also encourages a more positive mindset and continuous motivation for adolescents

4.1.1. Reference -- Parental influence

5. Introduce fictional character, Eric. Eric is a 6th grade student with received honors and is an outstanding student. His parents are almost always present at Eric's sporting events and academic awards

5.1. Eric's parents make it a point to attend Eric's extra-curricular activities and awards/ceremonies as much as possible

5.2. When Eric receives good grades or a positive report from his teachers, Eric's parents reward this behavior via encouraging verbal communication and physical prize (such as ice cream or an extra hour of television time before bed)

5.2.1. When Eric behaves in the opposite manner (badly) his parents take away television time for the night or make Eric write about why he acted the way he did and how he could have been better

5.3. When asked what motivates Eric to continue to do well in school and beyond, he states it is because of the encouragement he receives from his family (in their attendance and continuous presence) that makes him wish to strive to be his best