Technology Tools

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Technology Tools by Mind Map: Technology Tools

1. Scratch projects

1.1. We used this to make our scratch do things

1.1.1. We also used for some of our assighments Then we even could make a sound

1.2. Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share

2. google drawings

2.1. We used this hen we drew a sketch of ourselfs

2.1.1. Then we went to another web sight and made it talk Then we got our grade

3. edmodo

3.1. we use it daily for assigments

3.2. We also use it to see what we missed

3.2.1. It is a great tool to start with

3.3. Edmodo

4. Pixton

4.1. We drew a cartoon / comic book

4.1.1. We used this on two assighments We could also use it for fun

4.2. Pixton Comic Maker


5.1. We use this daily to get a grade

5.1.1. We use this every day until were done We use it and is worth a lot of points

5.2. Typing Lessons | Learn Touch Typing -

6. talking heads

7. evernote

7.1. We use it every day for our questions

7.2. Some times we could get quizzed on them

7.2.1. Its not for a grade but still we write them down