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EARTH by Mind Map: EARTH

1. Geosphere

1.1. Earth's surface

1.2. All rocks/minerals in and on earth

2. Atmosphere

2.1. air and gas of Earth

2.2. 78% nitrogen

2.3. Greenhouse gases act like a blanket around the Earth trapping heat in the atmosphere.

2.4. exosphere is the outer layer of the atmosphere

2.5. thermosphere is the coldest layer of the atmosphere

2.6. mesosphere is the middle layer of the atmosphere

2.7. stratosphere is the layer of the atmosphere most clouds

2.8. troposphere is the closest layer to the ground

3. Hydrosphere

3.1. water

3.2. 3% is fresh water

4. Biosphere

4.1. Life in and around Earth

4.2. Large forests act as Earth's lungs

4.3. Humans produce melanin to help protect their skin from the sun’s harsh UV radiation.

5. Natural Resources

5.1. Natural resources can be classified into 3 main categories - alternative energy, renewable, and nonrenewable.

5.2. Renewable Resources

5.2.1. Renewable resources can be replaced in a short period of time. Examples include plants, water, animals, and air.

5.3. Nonrenewable

5.3.1. Nonrenewable resources take millions of years to form and can be used up. Examples include coal, oil, minerals, and natural gas.

5.4. Alternitive Energy

5.4.1. Alternative energy resources are always available. Examples include: Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal Energy, and Biofuels.

5.5. Earth's natural resources are not evenly distributed across the planet due to climate, Earth's history, and geological process.

5.5.1. Some regions or countries are rich in natural resources and other must use technology to help them receive the resources they need.