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Communication Tools by Mind Map: Communication Tools

1. Snapchat

1.1. Pros

1.1.1. Easiest way to share interesting photos with friends and family

1.1.2. Has built-in texting

1.1.3. Has built-in voice calling

1.1.4. Has built-in video calling

1.1.5. Their constant updating wacky filters have been a way for friends and family to laugh together in person or through sent photos

1.1.6. Their Stories feature is a great way to communicate with a wide range of people

1.1.7. They have features that give you easy tools to see live videos and photos from anywhere in the world

1.1.8. The Memories feature is a great way to look back upon good times with your loved ones

1.2. Cons

1.2.1. It's easy to send a photo to the wrong person

1.2.2. People have built an over reliance on it where they can't go anywhere without taking constant photos share with people who are not even with them in person

1.2.3. A lot of people can't even enjoy a meal without first taking lots of photos of it

1.2.4. Most of what they promote just comes off as spam and ads

2. Facebook

2.1. Pros

2.1.1. Easy way to get in touch with people all throughout your life

2.1.2. Messaging is simple and easy

2.1.3. A great way to share photos and links

2.2. Cons

2.2.1. There have been numerous privacy leaks

2.2.2. People become highly addicted to it

2.2.3. People often grow to hate their friends and family based on the strong opinionated posts they make

2.2.4. People often say it brings out the worst in them

2.2.5. They designed the website to be purposely hard to delete your account

2.2.6. It can cause people to feel depressed about the number of friends they have. They feel competitive

3. Email

3.1. Pros

3.1.1. An essential tool for businesses and works to communicate with eachother

3.1.2. Great way to be notified

3.1.3. It's completely replaced traditional mail for a good reason

3.2. Cons

3.2.1. Constant junk mail

3.2.2. Constant way for people to try to scam you

4. Phone Calls

4.1. Pros

4.1.1. A safety tool as you can easily reach emergency services with

4.1.2. Really easy way for people to call up someone for a quick hello

4.2. Cons

4.2.1. You get lots of spam calls

4.2.2. Weak signals will effect your calls greatly

5. Texting

5.1. Pros

5.1.1. An amazingly quick way to reach people and stay in touch

5.1.2. People aren't pressured to answer right away for the most part

5.2. Cons

5.2.1. Not getting any texts for a while has lead to people feeling like loners

5.2.2. There are now less conversations voice to voice

5.2.3. Signal coverage can harm these conversations as they may not always go through

6. Video Calls

6.1. Pros

6.1.1. A more intimate way of communication

6.2. Cons

6.2.1. Has lead to embarrassing moments for people who don't know that their camera is on

7. Gaming

7.1. Pros

7.1.1. A truly amazing way to socialize with friends

7.1.2. A great way to make new friends

7.1.3. Can promote healthy competitive behaviour between people

7.2. Cons

7.2.1. People become extremely toxic easily, especially when losing a game

7.2.2. People get horrible threats just for being good at a game

8. Twitter

8.1. Pros

8.1.1. A great way to see live updates of friends, family, and celebrities

8.1.2. A great way to see news

8.2. Cons

8.2.1. You can feel greatly pressured to post stuff when you see others are constantly doing and saying interesting things

8.2.2. People get into fights very easily and often

9. Reddit

9.1. Pros

9.1.1. A great site that is highly customizable in terms of seeing what you like

9.1.2. A host to many great communities and an easy way to build new ones

9.1.3. You'll find people of all different kind

9.1.4. A great site for smart conversations

9.2. Cons

9.2.1. People are incredibly snobby

9.2.2. Has one of the worst hivemind-mind like comment sections around

9.2.3. People are constantly begging and trying their hardest to be the top hottest post of the hour

10. Instagram

10.1. Pros

10.2. Cons

10.2.1. A simple, well designed way for people to see others' interesting photos

10.2.2. People feel extremely pressured by everything they see on here. They feel ugly when looking at air brushed photos. They feel like their life isn't as interesting as their friends' lives

11. Twitch

11.1. Pros

11.1.1. A quick varied way to entertain a wide audience

11.1.2. Is integral in the popularity of Esports and has helped make many other niche ideas grow

11.1.3. The audience grows and grows while the site becomes more mainstream

11.2. Cons

11.2.1. Treat's their content creators very unfairly

11.2.2. Has some of the most stubborn and toxic chat rooms around

11.2.3. Having to entertain people all the time can be very hard on the psyche and causes you to stress out

12. YouTube

12.1. Pros

12.1.1. One of the best ways for entertainers to reach the widest market of people

12.1.2. The content is endless so you'll always find something that suits your needs

12.1.3. Easy way for yourself to upload your own video to share with others

12.1.4. The website is a bastion of free speech to other huge sites

12.2. Cons

12.2.1. The comment sections are often just huge arguments and spam

12.2.2. There is lots of drama

12.2.3. The company often treats YouTubers poorly

12.2.4. The YouTubers that are the most famous are often the most toxic for people to view. They create bad ideologies for younger people