Digital Product Cadence Health

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Digital Product Cadence Health by Mind Map: Digital Product Cadence Health

1. WebSite Content





2. Free Content

2.1. What we will solve

2.1.1. Professional qualification

2.1.2. Nutrition methods tested

2.1.3. Health and sport in processes

2.1.4. Personal Balance Methods

2.2. What customer wins buying with us:

2.2.1. Free knowledge offered E-book Parts of classes Summary of video lessons Articles Worksheets

2.2.2. Customer support Contact Form Phone during business hours Chat online

3. Customer Segmentation

3.1. To whom we generate value

3.1.1. Nutrition professionals looking for new graduations

3.1.2. Sports and fitness student profissional

3.1.3. Health professinals and Terapist

3.1.4. People in search of quality of life

3.2. Types of Clients

3.2.1. Large markets Schools, courses and colleges Health/Fitness Clubs, Yoga, Pilates Acupuncture centers, massage therapy, nutrition

3.2.2. Niche Market Nutrition Sport and health Professionals Nutrition, sport and health Students People seeking quality of life for their lives

3.3. Which Customers are Most Important to You?

3.3.1. Professional and Student of Nutrition

3.3.2. Health Professional and Therapists

4. Value offer

4.1. Online courses

4.1.1. Modules and methods

4.1.2. Certifications and accredited qualifications

4.2. Consulting via online chat

4.2.1. Online Chat

4.2.2. Personalized service Exclusive Worksheet Custom Solution

4.3. Workshot and Lecture ONSITE

4.3.1. Exclusive Content

4.3.2. Workshop, branding and network

5. Activity Keys

5.1. Business Partners

5.1.1. Create strategy to present the partnership proposal

5.2. Content Creation

5.2.1. Production of Material Sort Content Funnel Start Funnel half Funnel bottom Value generation

5.2.2. Publication Define Metrics Building Brand and Concept Create Engagement Create public Interested Conquer Customers

5.2.3. Goals Generate Traffic to Funnel Attract Selected Audience Increase Authority / Product Value

5.3. Product development paid

5.4. Propagation

6. Necessary resources

6.1. Types of Resources

6.1.1. Intellectual Graduation Methodology Certification

6.1.2. Human Digital Marketing agency Writer for Articles Team or partners to generate videos and webinars

7. Relationship


7.1.1. Facebook

7.1.2. Instagram

7.2. Customer service - SAC

7.2.1. Forms

7.2.2. Open Ticket for support

7.3. Skype live chat

7.4. Inbound Marketing

7.4.1. Landing pages to propagate content

7.4.2. Squeeze pages to capture leads "emails"

7.4.3. Reward pages for capturing lead with opt-in

7.5. Email Funnel

7.5.1. Niche Segmented Email Sequence

7.5.2. Automated for relationship

8. Sources of Revenue

8.1. Australia - NZ

8.1.1. Online courses

8.1.2. Events ONSITE

8.1.3. Webinars events

8.2. USA - UK

8.2.1. Online courses

8.2.2. Webinars events

9. Propagation Channel

9.1. Free content

9.1.1. Site Local to increase social proof and certification with static content

9.1.2. Blog/ Site E-Book Digital Book Practical or local guide Recipes and practice drills

9.1.3. Social Medias FanPage Instagram Youtube Videos Google+ SoundClound Audios

9.2. Paid Products

9.2.1. Online courses and certifications Course Portal Documents E-Book Videos Audios

9.3. Sales Funnel

9.3.1. Requirements Mkt Auto Email Responder Tool Creating an Email List with Relationship Capture targeted leads and e-mail contacts

9.3.2. Building Sales Funnel First Contact (Storytelling) What mission What we offer Narration History Second Contact (Prospect) What are the Benefits What are the Opportunities Third Contact (Closing Sales) Why compare your product Offer exclusive access free / Bonus Converting sales Custom Email Skype Line Chat Success stories

9.3.3. Engaging Public Funnel Attraction E-Books exclusive courses Free Course Unlock modules

9.4. Business Partners

9.4.1. Invite influencers to create content

9.4.2. Invite former students to create content

9.4.3. Invite certification institutions to generate content