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BEST by Mind Map: BEST

1. Board

1.1. Educational Involvement

1.1.1. Operational Projects Papers BSEs Surveys

1.1.2. Development Projects

1.2. Complementary Education

1.2.1. Operational Projects Golden Apple Season Handling Golden Cogwheel NRR Support

1.2.2. Development Projects

1.3. Career Support

1.3.1. Development Projects

1.3.2. Operational Projects

1.4. Operational Departments

1.4.1. GD

1.4.2. CRD

1.4.3. MD

1.4.4. TiDe

1.4.5. DD

1.4.6. PRD

1.4.7. IT

2. General Assembly

3. XXX I.B.

3.1. Departments

3.1.1. GD FPA Grant Report Company Grants Database New FPA Grant Application Joint Grant Application Mentors for Grants

3.1.2. EduID LEI Support BSE Aalborg BSE Krakow BSE Lisbon ICL'18 Paper Team SEFI'18 Paper Team WEEF'18 Paper Team Survey Creation Framework

3.1.3. CRD EBEC Final 2017 PM FR 2017 BCD FR 2018 GA ICD FR 2018

3.1.4. CD EBEC Challenge NRR Support Golden Cogwheel Research on Competitions Research on EBEC Project

3.1.5. Vivaldi Spring17 Summer17 Autumn17 Winter17 Spring18 Summer18 Golden Apple Team Mentors Working Group Season Handling Improvement Project (SHIP)

3.1.6. MD Nursing Health Indicators

3.1.7. TiDe beKNOWN12 Lviv TRAP26 Riga JBTs 2017/2018 division Joint Board Training Events 2017 Supervision TTA3 Vienna bePROUD17 Krakow beRICHER18 Chisinau TRAP27 Erlangen JBT 2018/2019 Division beKNOWN13 Bucharest beMORE10 Ljubljana TRAP28 Almada LTP Project 2017/2018 Recognition Council 2017/2018

3.1.8. DD External Events Posters Annual Report 16/17 Winter17 Promotional Materials Spring18 Promotional Materials Summer18 Promotional Materials Autumn18 Promotional Materials BCD Design Online Learning Platform EBEC Challenge Design

3.1.9. PRD Social Media Team Brand Awareness Team Media Relations Autumn 2017 Photo Contest Multimedia Group PWS Look History of BEST Project BCD PR EBEC Challenge 2018 PR Text Editors

3.1.10. IT PA & PWS Maintenance Bootstrapping PA ITID ITA ITD

3.2. Projects

3.2.1. SPIP

3.2.2. GMR

3.2.3. RMD

3.2.4. PRS2.0

3.2.5. MAP

3.2.6. PPP

3.2.7. PSP

3.3. Ambassadors

3.4. BCD

3.5. IHRT

3.6. RAs

3.7. Doctors

3.8. Helpdesk