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Vocabulary 3 by Mind Map: Vocabulary 3

1. Eat fast food

1.1. He eat much fast food and that is bad.

2. Eat healthy food

2.1. Eat healthy food is good for you health.

3. Eat junk food

3.1. They a lot eat junk food

4. Eat unhealthy food

4.1. I like eat unhealthy food they are delicious.

5. Exercise

5.1. They exercise in this gym.

6. Go on a diet

6.1. Tomorrow I go on a diet, i promise.

7. Sleep in

7.1. Sometime a need sleep in my bed.

8. Stay indoors all day

8.1. Not is good stay indoors all day because you get sick.

9. Stay in shape

9.1. I need stay in shape for the summer.

10. Take a break

10.1. I need take a break one moment.

11. Warm up

11.1. If you warm something up or if it warms up, it gets hotter.

12. Table tennis

12.1. I like table tennis is easy.

13. Tai chi

13.1. I would like to practice tai chi.

14. Yoga

14.1. I would like to practice yoga.

15. Advice

15.1. My father gives good advice.

16. Change your lifestyle

16.1. You should change your lifestyle because not is good eat fast food everyday.

17. Avoid Soda

17.1. Avoid soda is good to your life and your family.

18. Be inactive

18.1. can be inactive when power off the computer.

19. Cook fresh food

19.1. Cook fresh food is better for me.

20. Drink soda

20.1. A lot drink soda is bad for you health.

21. Get fresh air

21.1. Is Good get fresh air sometimes.

22. Get stressed

22.1. I don't need get stressed more.

23. Go to the gym

23.1. Tomorrow go to the gym in the morning is better.

24. Relax

24.1. I need a relax in the mountain.

25. Skip beakfast

25.1. Skip breakfast is very bad for you health.

26. Take a nap

26.1. I feel tired i need take a nap.

27. Walk

27.1. I love walk in my home because is small.

28. Meditation

28.1. The book of meditation is good.

29. Gym

29.1. This gym is better.

30. hemet

30.1. Go get your helmet

31. Lifestyle

31.1. My lifestyle is good because i go to the gym.

32. Tread

32.1. The tread is big.