Grade.9 Subjects

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Grade.9 Subjects by Mind Map: Grade.9 Subjects

1. Untitled

1.1. Computer

1.1.1. Creating Links

1.1.2. Free Mind mindmap

1.1.3. Movie Maker

2. Untitled

2.1. Physical Education

2.1.1. Project Research on a computer about the joints in our body

2.1.2. Sports Swimming Front crawl Backstroke Breaststroke Basketball Soccer Hokey Disk

3. Untitled

3.1. Music

3.1.1. Instruments Guitar Chords Drum basic beats of drums Hands Rhythm Chart

3.1.2. Music handouts Lessons 1~9

3.1.3. Movies Stomp Japaneese drums

4. Untitled

4.1. Community and Service

4.1.1. movies, documentaries Malcolm X Invisible Children Joan of Arc

4.1.2. communities, services organizing the Track for Field Day Reading books for Gr.2 childrens setting up the cafeteria art works setting up posters for the classroom

5. English

5.1. Video

5.1.1. Rear window

5.1.2. Shadow of a doubt

5.1.3. Family Plot

5.2. Poetry

5.2.1. Writing a poetry based on 'The Pearl'

5.3. Book

5.3.1. The Pearl

5.4. Discussion

5.4.1. about life

5.4.2. votings

6. Math

6.1. square root

6.2. Untitled

7. Science

7.1. Chapters

7.1.1. Untitled Matters Pure substances Mixture

7.1.2. Untitled Atoms

8. Untitled

8.1. History

8.1.1. Africa Kindoms of Africa Axum (My project) Mali Ghana Songhai Ethopia Culture tratition tradings

8.1.2. Rennaisance Rennaissance in Italy Spread of Rennaisance The protestant Reformation Spread of Reformation Ideas The Scientific Revolution