Can you move this map?

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Can you move this map? by Mind Map: Can you move this map?


1.1. reviews

1.2. forum

1.3. selection wizard

1.4. blog

1.5. more...

2. RU a hypershifter?

2.1. associate

2.2. enrich data

2.3. structure information

2.4. monitor your projects

2.5. sense and respond

3. COME-Unity

4. Your Questions?

4.1. How can I do X with a visualization tool?

4.2. What is the best tool (given my IT environment)?

4.3. Has it been used for my type of application?

4.4. What are the strong and weak sides?

4.5. What do I need to pay attention to?

5. A phased approach

6. How this works

6.1. Click on the + icon at the end of a branch to see what’s on the next level

6.2. Click on + or – in the left corner of this window to zoom and re-center

6.3. Click and hold mouse button to move the map

6.4. Click on notes icon at the end of a branch to see what is in the notes

6.5. In the on-line version (please subscribe for test drive) you can add and delete information in the map