The Universe Dimensions

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The Universe Dimensions by Mind Map: The Universe Dimensions

1. The fifth dimension is invisible to the naked eye. This dimension includes electromagnetism.

1.1. Hypercubes, starting from dimension 0 up to dimension 6

1.2. The Fifth Dimension

2. Journey into the 12th dimension

2.1. TEDxBoulder - Thad Roberts - Visualizing Eleven Dimensions

3. What Is the 5th Dimension?

4. The 1st Dimension

4.1. The first dimension has no height or width, just length. It can be represented with another dot in addition to the previous. This is adding the x-axis.

4.2. ____

5. The 0 Dimension

5.1. The 0 dimension is an infinitely small place holder. It doesn't exist in space. This dimension is in time. It is different between the other space dimensions because it is potentiality vs.actuality. The 0 dimension can be represented by a point.

5.2. .

6. The 2nd Dimension

6.1. The second dimension adds the y-axis to create a square. It is a plane. This dimension has no height.

6.2. .

7. The 3rd Dimension

7.1. The third dimension adds height. We see in the third dimension

7.2. .

8. The Fourth Dimension

8.1. The fourth dimension is the third dimension is two parallel cubes that are connected by a hypercube. It is also time.

8.2. This is a tesseract.

8.3. Does time pass?

9. Physicists say universe evolution favored three and seven dimensions

10. The Fourth Dimension