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Dreaming by Mind Map: Dreaming

1. when do we start dreaming?

2. are dreams and nightmares a sign?

3. are dreams a good sign or a bad sign?

4. why can't we always remember what we dream about?

5. do babies dream?

6. how long do dreams last?

7. do we dream about people or things we see?

8. if we notice that we are having a nightmare, can we wake up from it?

9. what part of the brain makes us dream?

10. why do we have recurring dreams?

11. when we dream is our brian trying to tell us something?

12. Do we dream about what happened that day?

13. is day-ja-voo and dreaming the same thing?

13.1. when we have day-ja-voo, do we see the future?

13.1.1. does this mean we are cabale of seeing the future? can the brain predict what happens around us? when we huleucneate is anothers brain communicatng with ours?

14. what are the most common dreams?

15. why do we have repeated dreams?

16. can we control our dreams?

17. why do we dream about weird things?

18. if you dream about killing you dad or someone you know, is that bad?

18.1. do blind people dream?

19. Is dreaming good for your body?

20. do dreams have a meaning

21. how do humans dream?

22. how does the brain make dreams happen?

23. do we actually dream about what out heart wants?

24. do dreams and nightmares come from the same part of the brain?

25. do all living things dream?

26. are nightmares good?

26.1. when do people normally start dreaming?

27. does everyone dream?

28. do we dream every night?

29. are nightmares the same as dreams?

30. Why do we sleep talk and sleep walk?

31. why do we sometimes sleep walk?

31.1. why do we sometimes sleep walk?

32. If we wake up during a dream, why can't we go back to dreaming the same thing?

32.1. are there different kinds of dreams?

33. why aren't we aware we are dreaming?

33.1. what would happen if we never dream?

33.2. why do we sometime cry when we dream?

34. Should we pay attention to some of our dreams?

35. if we dream about other people, is it true that that person misses us?

36. why cant we remember our dream sometimes?

36.1. if your brainwashed do you still dream?

37. why does our brain repeat dreams?