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Identity Project by Mind Map: Identity Project

1. My identity is only one aspect of who I am

1.1. My actions, thoughts, and feelings are also other aspects of who I am.

1.1.1. How you treat others, and what other people think of you.

1.2. How you spend your time and what you believe in.

1.2.1. Your hobbies and beliefs.

1.3. Where you are from and who your family are, is not all you just are.

1.3.1. What you become and do in life.

1.3.2. What you do in life, and your different jobs you may have through life.

2. Our identity can trap and isolate us.

2.1. When others do not fit in your social groups, you may feel alone.

2.1.1. If you don't find a sense of belonging, you feel isolated.

2.2. You may not be able to relate/connect to other people because of your differences in identity.

2.2.1. You may realize how different you are to certain people and feel alone.

2.3. The journal to find your identity may be a struggle, as you may not know who you are.

2.3.1. You don't want to be just what others want you to be, and this can be confusing and hard.

2.3.2. When you do figure out who you are, your close ones may not accept or like your identities, and this may trap you.

3. We possess true identity when we belong to ourselves and not others.

3.1. You may feel as you don't fit in a certain social group that other people want you to be in.

3.2. You may not agree with everything that your family believes in.

3.2.1. You may not want to start disagreement with your family.

3.3. You may not agree with all of your friends' beliefs.

3.3.1. You may still want to be friends with this person, no matter their beliefs.

3.4. You shouldn't be known just as someone's friend, family, but your true identity is who you are to yourself.

4. Belonging relies on us forfeiting our individuality, our identity.

4.1. You may act different at home, at school, in front of different people, to try to have the approval of these people.

4.1.1. We may alter our identity according to our environment and the people in it.

4.2. You may have an identity that others do not agree with, so you hide it.

4.3. Usually people want to fit in, so they agree with what their group members believes in just so they don't stand out.

4.3.1. They don't want to feel like the odd one out, especially if they really respect and look up to their group members.