developing idea

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developing idea by Mind Map: developing idea

1. what do you wish you could do?

1.1. have a respected leadership role within band and drumline

1.2. knitting

1.3. writing and illustrating

2. is there a school problem you'd like to see solved?

2.1. is there a community/world problem you'd like to see solved?

2.1.1. gun control

2.1.2. open & accepting community for youths

2.1.3. decrease the number of stray & abused animals

2.1.4. decrease pollution, global warming & forest destruction for a more habitable earth

2.2. better prep for AP exams, SATs, etc

2.3. more field trips to colleges

2.4. education on real world managment

2.5. consider band and colorguard a sport

3. what are you interested in?

3.1. painting, drawing, creating

3.2. drumming

3.3. the universe & space

3.4. fashion