Cultural Heritage

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Cultural Heritage by Mind Map: Cultural Heritage

1. Immovable:Tangible/Intangible

2. Movable/Immovable


4. Value(Historical/Associate/...

5. Globalization

5.1. Weaken cultural diversity

5.2. Starbucks in Forbidden city?

5.3. may cause disappearance/destruction/deterioration


6.1. Promotion/Education

6.1.1. social media(Facebook), radio, newspaper

7. NGO(Conservancy/Association centre for heritage)

8. Digitization

8.1. store in hardware and software

8.1.1. video(星期日檔案)

8.2. For perservation

8.3. Promotion:Enhance cultural communication and transmision

9. Education

9.1. study CCCH9051

10. Preservation or urban development

10.1. Need more residential space

10.2. CH improve tourism

11. way to digitize

11.1. create a website of that CH ( Kong Memory/

11.1.1. improve website ask for the opinions from the users interview survey

11.1.2. target user Professionals and experts Semi-experts and hobbyists Lay users and non-experts(everyone including me^^)

11.1.3. using metadata title/format/subject/identifier/descripiton/... convenient for people to search

11.2. make a virtual reality(VR) of CH places

12. search for CH online

12.1. Basic search/Boolean search/Wildcard search/Proximity search