Global Warming

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Global Warming by Mind Map: Global Warming

1. Causes

1.1. Wasteful habits

1.2. Burning fossil fuels

1.3. Waste management

1.4. Agricultural practices

1.5. Decomposition

2. Economic Impacts

2.1. Costs the government money

2.2. Damage to Property and Infrastructures

2.3. Lost productivity

2.4. Mass migration and security threats

2.5. Coping costs

2.6. Destruction from worsening storms

3. Solutions

3.1. Managing forests and agriculture

3.2. Phasing out fossil fuel electricity

3.3. Greening transportation

3.4. Boosting energy efficiency

3.5. Replace fossil fuels with renewable energy

4. Evidence

4.1. Humidity

4.2. Sea Ice

4.3. Sea Surface Temperature

4.4. Sea Level

5. Environmental Impacts

5.1. Melting Ice Caps

5.2. Precipitation Increase

5.3. Rising Sea Levels

5.4. Increased Temperatures

6. Make Connections

6.1. Population

6.1.1. The greater amount of people creating greenhouse gases, the worse the effects of global warming are

6.2. Pollution

6.2.1. Creating greenhouse gases through human actions such as driving a car accelerate global warming

6.3. Energy

6.3.1. Using non-renewable energy such as burning fossil fuels release greenhouse gases

6.4. Natural Processes

6.4.1. Decomposition of anything creates methane which is a strong greenhouse gas that adds to global warming

6.5. Agricultural Practices

6.5.1. The practice of animal farming in close quarters, especially cows, increases the amount of methane (greenhouse gas) released in an area

7. Burning fossil fuels by driving

8. Accumulates over time

9. Over time the problem will escalate

10. People need to weigh the balance of importance for global health

11. Being less wasteful will help