Future Understanding-The professional.

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Future Understanding-The professional. by Mind Map: Future Understanding-The professional.

1. How a person cooses to behave will greatly determine the quality of that person's life.

1.1. leader.(choose).

1.1.1. enhancement and cooperation.

1.2. worker,(decide).

1.2.1. time and money.

2. The rewards in education and in life go to the person who is a professional.

2.1. professional educator.

2.1.1. *Responsible

2.1.2. *Continuing growth.

2.1.3. *Strives continuosly.

3. Your behavior determine your choice.

3.1. 1. Protective behaviors.

3.2. 2. Maintenance behaviors.

3.3. 3. Enhancement behaviors.

4. The rewards go to those who continue to learn.

4.1. *To grow.

4.1.1. Good use of time.

4.1.2. Knowledge is power.

4.1.3. Promoting student growth.

4.1.4. listening to others.

4.2. *To share.

4.2.1. Helping others learn.

4.3. *To take risks.

4.3.1. Identify

4.3.2. Ask

4.3.3. Discover

4.3.4. Implement a risks plan.

5. You can have anything you want from life.

5.1. Success.

5.2. Happiness.

5.3. A jobe