Net Neutrality

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Net Neutrality by Mind Map: Net Neutrality

1. what is it?

2. Who does it benefit?

3. As a society, we believe that free access to information is a right, removing net neutrality sets a dangerous precedent moving forward where citizens no longer have access to the information they are entitled to.

4. Normal people want net neutrality because it allows the internet to remain open to everyone. Right now all you pay for is internet access (and you can get a router for about $20) and you're set. you can browse whatever you want

5. Capitalists are against net neutrality because they benefit by gaining more revenue.

6. Anti net neutrality laws will allow internet service providers (ISPs) like Comcast to create separate expensive plans for people to purchase in addition to internet access.

7. for example you can buy a social media plan for say $40/mo that would allow you to use x amount of gigs on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc

8. It's the concept that the internet should be classified as a public utility and internet service providers (ISP’s)can’t censor or block any information.

9. EXAMPLE: "Comcast slowed down “throttled” subscriber's internet speeds if they were using peer to peer file sharing services like Bittorrent. Comcast continued to throttle speeds of paying customers until they were ordered to stop by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under Obama’s administration". (Van der Sar)