A Tour of Shakespeare's World (Shared)

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A Tour of Shakespeare's World (Shared) by Mind Map: A Tour of Shakespeare's World (Shared)

1. Shakespeare's Bookshelf

2. Chronology of Work

3. Shakespeare's Writing

4. YouTube Video: Shakespeare's Early Years in London

5. YouTube Video: Stratford-upon-avon, the home of William Shakespeare

6. YouTube Video: Shakespeare-Birth and Schooling

7. The Life of William Shakespeare

7.1. Timeline

7.1.1. Shakespeare's Will

8. Elizabethan Theatre

8.1. Tour the Globe Theatre

8.2. YouTube Video: Globe Theatre

8.3. Shakespeare's Audience

9. Macbeth

9.1. The Witches in Macbeth

9.2. The Historical Context of Macbeth

9.3. Ghosts, Witches and Shakespeare

9.4. BBC Shakespeare Unlocked: Macbeth