MAT 120 Syllabus

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MAT 120 Syllabus by Mind Map: MAT 120  Syllabus

1. Homework

1.1. MyMathLab


1.2. can get 100% - redo problems you missed before the due date

1.3. worth 10% of your class grade

1.4. Extra credit towards final exam available during the LAST chapter; ONLY for those with 80% or above on your average homework grade

2. tests

2.1. 6 tests

2.2. 100 pts each

2.2.1. 10% of class grade each

2.3. no notes or text

2.4. during class time

2.5. extra credit available for each test.

2.5.1. create a mindmap of the chapter, make it public and send me the link. Rubric is on the website

3. quizzes

3.1. 1-2 even problems from textbook to handed in at beginning of class, BEFORE I finish calling roll. If you are late = 0 pts.

3.2. 1-2 MyMathLab quizzes per week


3.2.2. 2 chances at every quiz before midnight

3.2.3. check my online calendar for quiz dates

3.3. 10% of grade

3.4. Check MY online calendar for extra credit assignments applied towards quiz grade


4. in class

4.1. each student will take turns being the note-taker for the class using my LIvescribe smartpen.

4.1.1. I will post the daily notes on the class calendar for all to access.

4.2. Students will always sit in groups. Some group- work will posted on the board using a Mobi

4.3. Students will be given clickers to use during class you MUST bring a photo ID to class to exchange for a clicker

5. outside help

5.1. My algebra help site


5.2. daily pencasts

5.2.1. links will be on daily calendar

5.3. MyMathLab

5.3.1. videos

5.3.2. help me solve it

5.3.3. ask my instructor


5.4. Math tutoring center

5.5. free online help

5.6. Form study groups!!!

6. final exam

6.1. cumulative

6.2. 20% of class grade

6.3. replaces lowest test score ONLY if it lowest test is ABOVE 50%

6.4. used as a make-up exam if you missed 1 test. (each missed test after 1 earns a 0)

6.5. Extra credit towards the final exam grade available during the LAST chapter; ONLY for those with 80% or above on your average homework grade