Theorectical Perspectives

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Theorectical Perspectives by Mind Map: Theorectical Perspectives

1. My Geistesblitzes

1.1. Check out

2. B.F. Skinner

2.1. Behavorist Therory

3. this theory is a belief that language is a unique human accomplishment

4. The behavorist theory suggest that language is learned through operant conditioning by reinforcement and imitation

5. Noam Chomsky

5.1. Nativist

6. New node

7. Cognitive Developmentalist

8. Interactionist

9. Paiget

10. The interactionist theory comprises of both the navitist and behavorist theory

11. Cognitive development thoery proposes the idea that children will talk when they are ready to. This theory also teaches that children learn in stages and must go through a process.