Public Preschools

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Public Preschools by Mind Map: Public Preschools

1. Topic and Overview

1.1. Research question and why I chose it

1.1.1. Word Cloud

1.1.2. Picture

2. Advantages

2.1. Information about positive aspects of public preschools

2.1.1. Infographic

3. About Me

3.1. Information about me and why I'm interested in this topic

3.1.1. 2 Pictures

4. Disadvantages

4.1. Information about negative aspects of public preschools

4.1.1. Powtoon

5. Background Information

5.1. Background research about topic

5.1.1. Prezi

5.1.2. Picture

6. My Viewpoint

6.1. Information about my views on state funded public preschools after reviewing research and survey data

6.1.1. Wevideo

7. Survey and Data Analysis

7.1. Survey

7.2. Information about my survey findings

7.2.1. Graphs of survey results

8. Contact

8.1. Contact Form

8.2. Links to strategic planning page and reference page