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Aircell FSO by Mind Map: Aircell FSO
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Aircell FSO

Store and Forward

Store based on Rev ByPass, requires ESB and portal running

AMS, is ACPU based, data stored in Oracle dB

RSA encrypted data


PCI requirements

Reusable component for Refund oriented

Declined Auth's are written off via reconcillation component at end of graph

MOR Purchase defines a status depending on business rules

Strip the card info from the revBP dB and mark transaction as flushed

Purchase date populated as store date

Activation date populated as forward date

SLAs, Settlement within 48/72 hours, Scheduled at low time, Driven by Oracle storage, Create Workflows for each store and forward event

Decouple payments from diseMP, front loaded payments. Phase ++

GoGo WebService call hosted in ESB, Delayed playback of BPOE WebServices, Complete and Confirm Order based, Fixed Product defined, If blank, fetch default product

Sales Channels






Refund Automation

Scanning Refunds

Care oriented funds

Intention to automate the current process

Care create a refund diseMP workflow, Workflows are either auto approval or assigned to supervisors as per standard diseMP workflow

Possible for LAE to create a batch of workflows

LAE polls diseMP dB for approved workflows. Workflows will contain the POSREF for the transaction to refund

LAE will validate the refund, Validate the POS transaction, Validate the number of refunds against the POS transaction, by validating the Purchase MOR, Extract the TxRefNum for the POS transaction by using the PaymentID (ACLLIVE) and extracting the TxRefNum from the joined OneOffTxNum

Generate the batch refund XML as per Orbital XML Spec. The transaction type is NewOrder with substype of Refund using the TxRefNum

PGP encrypt the XML using the ChasePaymentech public key

SFTP the .pgp file to the Orbital Gateway

Poll the Orbital Gateway for the response

decrypt the rsp.pgp using the MDS private key

Process the refunds, Generate a refunded Workflow, Add the SLA to diseMP. NOT REQUIRED!!, Update/Confirm the care approved workflow adding a note on the status of the refunded transaction

Promo based refunds, Workflow Generation for Promo refund, Questions for care on promo types

Deferred Recognition

Linked to MSP NonCMP

Product Centre Mediation


Pull Data from Product Centre dB for full rule set

Schema definitions and aggregation SQL in LAE into denormalized EDW table

Extra attributes for product centre

Account Code, Marketing Codes and NominalNumbers for RevenueShare.

Pull model from EDW v's push model via the LAE

Require bulk upload mechanism for publishing video into ProductCentre


Linkage of Packages/Services for Monthly Subscription

Need to look at defined MSP packages

Find the PoS service and recurring service part

Fabricate the POS transaction for each month

Tie the cash receipt to the MSP

Decomissioning the MSP provisioing and cash collections jobs

Phased approach to porting from diseMP billing to LAE oriented billing

LAE will invoke the Complete Order and Confirm Order for the recurring part of the MSP or alternative is to have LAE generate the batch XML as per refunds.

Action: Complete HLD Sequence flows

Creation of the MOR based on join of the Inv Detail and SubPurchase

Tax Reporting

On hold until business requirements are captured

ADP Taxware is capable of calculating tax in realtime

Issue surrounding the user meta data captured during portal puchase path. The portal has removed the billing data and currently there is no AVS checking involved.

MSP Taxation Rule Defn

Link Address Data for Taxation