Unit 4: The Gospel of Matthew and Luke

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Unit 4: The Gospel of Matthew and Luke by Mind Map: Unit 4: The Gospel of Matthew and Luke

1. New node

1.1. Luke’s Account

1.1.1. John Paul ll His apostolic exhoration Catechesi Tradendae

1.1.2. Outline Not changes from

1.1.3. Keeps in New node Compassion

1.1.4. Not abandoned

1.2. Jesus Heals

1.2.1. During Betrayal/Arrest Shows

2. Article 22: The Universal Nature of Coveant Love

2.1. Luke Audience

2.1.1. To The Gentiles Different

2.1.2. Questions

2.2. Come to the Feast

2.2.1. Gospel of Luke Stresses Everyone is

2.3. Accounts of People

2.3.1. Forgiven Zacchhaeus

2.4. Forgiveness

2.4.1. Gospel of Luke Reaching out with compassion to

2.5. Gospel of Luke

2.5.1. Holy Spirit Shows Guides Jesus Mission

2.5.2. The Eucharisf Eschatological meal

3. Article 19: The Question of Authority

3.1. Authority of

3.1.1. Jesus New node Account of Jesus The question

3.1.2. Apostles

3.1.3. Mentioned in Matthew’s Gospel

3.2. Sermon on the Mount

3.2.1. Continued Allusions of Moses Proclaims

4. Article 20: The Paschal Mystery According to Matthew

4.1. Accounts of Christ

4.1.1. Passion

4.1.2. Death

4.1.3. Resurrection

4.1.4. Gospel of Matthew Includes Betrayal of Judas the Last Supper agony in the garden Trial before Jesus’s Divine Identity Matthew’s Account

5. Article 17: Matthew’s Infancy Narrative

5.1. New node

5.1.1. Overview of Gospel of Matthew Inspired author Unknown Most likely Jewish Christian Attributed to the Aposile of Matthew Writing date AD 85 Location of Writing Probably Antioch Audience Mixed community Image of Jesus Jesus as Genealogy Traced Jesus Themes Bring a New Coveant Sources The Gospel of Mark Q Source M Source Symbol of Gospel A man

5.1.2. Infancy Narrative The accounts of Jesus Birth Early Life Conveys Universality of Jesus’ call A liteary form Includes infancy Narrative In the Gospel’s of

6. Article 18: The Kingdom in Matthew’s Gospel

6.1. Kingdom

6.1.1. Of Matthew Public ministry Preaching New node

6.1.2. New node Preaching Called Includes

6.1.3. Parables Gospel of Matthew Jesus Confront Questions of

6.2. Miracles

6.2.1. Gospel of Matthew

7. Article 24: Luke’s Post-Resurrection Appearance Narratives

7.1. Synoptic Gospels

7.1.1. Post-Resurrection Accounts are similar Continue themes All Invited Offered Lukes Gospel

7.1.2. Appearance To the eleven In Jerusalem Not in Matthew Mark’s Gospel

7.2. Luke’s Source

7.2.1. Mark Appearance of Risen Christ

7.3. Second Half of Gospel

7.3.1. Acts of the Apostles

7.3.2. Continues account of Good News of Salvation Describes influence of

8. Article 21: Luke’s Infancy Narrative

8.1. Gospel of Luke Overview

8.1.1. Inspired Author Gentile Christian Luke Traditionally thought Disciple of Paul

8.1.2. Writing date AD 80-85

8.1.3. Audience Gentile (Greek) Christians Represented by

8.1.4. Image of Jesus merciful Compassionate Special Concerns for Poor people Woman Non-Jews

8.1.5. Genealogy Goes back to Adam

8.1.6. Themes Portrait of Mary God’s love for all Especially for Presence of Holy Spirit Meal of God Symbol

8.1.7. Sources The Gospels of Mark Q Source L Source

8.1.8. Symbol of Gospel The Ox Animal used Recalling

8.2. Gospel of Luke

8.2.1. Third Synoptic Gospel

8.2.2. Draws on Gospels of Mark

8.2.3. Includes Annunciation to Mary Narratives Sorrounding Birth of Mary’s visit To Elizabeth Jesus’s birth