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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My older sister

1.1. she is a receptionist at a dental office. since i would like to be a dentist she could help me start off where she is.

2. Youth committee

2.1. I go there to meet new people and discuss different topics every time. there are always post its of job opportunities businesses have dropped off in the facility in hopes of finding new employment, by being an active member i could get a good recommendation for a job

3. Sharice, coworker

3.1. My coworker sharice used to be a dentist with her own private practice. she could help me by taking me to her practice and letting me do a all day job shadow of the people that are working there now.

4. My boss

4.1. i work at a charity call center and i want to work as a receptionist while going through school at a dental center. since my job is a good experience, my boss could help me go through the process of applying to a receptionist job as she is very supportive.

5. My neighbor

5.1. My neighbor runs a business from home, she could give me advice what its like running a business from home and let me know of some careers i didn't know existed.

6. Salesman

6.1. since i want to work as a dentist and own my own practice i have to be a very good people person. A salesman could give me advice on how to personal and friendly to draw in costumers.

7. College professor

7.1. since i have been accepted into a college and a university. a college professor could help me by letting me know the differences and the benefits of each. bettering my decision for my future and my future GPA to ensure i have a chance to go to dental or medical school.

8. My mom and dad

8.1. They both have a business and have lots of connections, they could help me get a job.

8.1.1. My teacher, Mrs broadhurst She has lots of connections to various amount of careers because of herself and her husband. she knows me very well as a person and can be a great person for a recommendation or a great person to introduce me to careers.

9. My Guidance cousellor

9.1. I can go to my school counselor very easily with any questions about employment and ask for their advice.

10. My dentist

10.1. although he is not a close connection, i still see his occasionally and i could bring up that i want to be a dentist and he could help me migrate through the journey and give me advice directly.

11. My old coworker

11.1. His dad is a dentist and owns kettle valley family dental. he has already helped me figure out my educational path to become a dentist. i could him if i could possibly have a job at his practice when i come out of dental school.

12. Dental assistant

12.1. this could be a good starter job, so a dental assistant could let me know what its like to be in the field and what i should consider

13. Pharmacist

13.1. i know i want to do something in medicine, and if dentist doesn't work out, id like to have insight into the job of a pharmacist.

14. Therapist

14.1. for a while i wanted to be a therapist. i like to keep my mind open to opportunities, so a therapist could give me insight on the job and keep me thinking.