Sexual Orientation

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Sexual Orientation by Mind Map: Sexual Orientation

1. discrimination against non-heterosexual individuals based on their sexual orientation

1.1. An SAS (special air service) soldier was suppose to get a promotion and become a sergeant after returning from operations in 2016. However, he was then told he needed to experience “more time” in operations in order to become a sergeant. This could be the case and maybe the soldier was just not experienced enough, but three weeks later he was told that the senior officers had found out he was gay and that that was the reason his chances were affected.

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1.2. Transgender employees often experience very severe discrimination in the work place. Transgender employees will not only experience discrimination from co-workers but in some cases they even get physically assaulted just because of their sexual orientation.

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1.3. The Philippines is a nation that has been known for mass discrimination against the LGBT community. For many people who are affiliated with the LGBT they often start getting discriminated against as early as high school. has said that schools are meant to be a safe place, although in the Philippines a lot of people get bullied or physically abused because of their sexual orientation. Even a worldwide known Pilipino boxer by the name of Manny Pacquiao is against the LGBT and even said: “they are not human”.

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2. How discrimination based on sexual orientation can affect an individual’s health

2.1. Physical health

2.1.1. There are really nasty people out there who just have a burning hate for those who have a different sexual orientation from the “norm” that they would go as far as beating those people up. The assaults can end up injuring someone to a very extreme length or even killing that person.

2.1.2. Another factor that can come with discrimination against sexual orientation is depression. Though this is a mental health problem it can also lead to physical health problems via immune functioning.

2.1.3. When they are discriminated, they will consume lots of alcoho to forget reality and that can cause lots of harm physically, for example, cancer of kidney and liver.

2.2. Mental/emotional health

2.2.1. Discrimination, as mentioned above, can cause extreme depression for people who are discriminated

2.2.2. When they are depressed, they will have suicidal thoughts, which is really bad for your mentality

2.2.3. Can lead to substance abuse, which is really bad for mentality since they creates a fake reality for the user

2.3. Social health

2.3.1. When they are discriminated, they would less likely to go out and make friends

2.3.2. Their family will not accept them, which weakens their family relationship, they become more and more isolated

2.3.3. Heterosexual people will make fun of them, makes them hard to make new friends

2.4. Spiritual health

2.4.1. They will not act the way who they are because they afraid to be judged

2.4.2. They are not willing to express themselves, they are not willing to join any activities because they afraid that their real sexual orientation is revealed

2.4.3. Their religion will go against them, or at least people from their religion. They will be banned, or make fun of when they go to church

3. Different types of sexual orientation

3.1. Heterosexual: sexual attraction to a person of the opposite sex

3.2. Homosexual: sexual attraction to a person of the same sex

3.3. Bisexual: sexually attracted to both men and women

3.4. Asexual: without sexual feelings or association

4. Four main types of sexual-orientation-based discrimination

4.1. Direct discrimination: when someone directly treats you differently because of the sexual orientation you identify as.

4.1.1. Example: Jordan joins the basketball team and has a very friendly attitude, however he makes a reference to his boyfriend and suddenly everyone stops interacting with him.

4.2. Indirect discrimination: when an organization’s customs/policy that applies to everybody except for people who have a different sexual orientation.

4.2.1. Example: Tim is an Australian person and is dating a Kyle, a Vietnamese person. They both want to live in Australia and so they decide to get married so Kyle can get an Australian passport however this benefit won’t apply because it is a same sex marriage.

4.3. Harassment: when someone makes you feel humiliated, offended or degraded in the workplace.

4.3.1. Example: Kimberly’s co-workers were making up rumors about her having sexual relations with Wendy just because they found out she’s a lesbian.

4.4. Victimization: When a person is treated badly due to their complaining of sexual orientation under the equality act.

4.4.1. Example:

5. Inter component connections

5.1. For physical health it can be affected by a poor mental health, for example drinking will not only destroy your organs physically but also mentally is not a good way of coping with pain.

5.2. For emotional health both it and mental health are almost identical with their connections. The mental health chooses a certain way to feel or to do something and the emotional health picks up on that by letting out the fitting emotion to go with whatever the mental health has selected.

5.3. For example if the mentally someone is going through depression and is very vulnerable due to discrimination then the natural emotional response would be sadness.

5.4. Shifting toward the social end of health we are not really ourselves as human beings if we do not socialize. However, socializing is a challenge that many non-heterosexual people face because the discrimination against them massively affects their opinions. And so, by having a not so health social life the spiritual health will also fizzle out because by not being able to socialize we aren’t able to express ourselves to others or follow similar ideas as our peers.

5.5. What’s very interesting to me is that all of these components of health they connect but in a negative way, they connect as a response to the discrimination but in the most wrong and negative way possible and that is just very heart breaking to understand.

6. Ways to reduce discrimination

6.1. Don’t let the slurs slide through

6.1.1. We know that their are terms to discriminate people, which are "gay" or "fag". Therefore, we can't let these slurs affect LGBT by banning them in the law

6.2. Let the voices of the LGBT be heard

6.2.1. We should let the LGBTs to have their own rights like the hetero ones, let they have the advantages in the society like the hetero ones such as marriage and the right to vote

6.3. Create and protect safe space

6.3.1. We can build a safe zone for the LGBT by creating areas that are only for them but everyone can come in and out freely but there will be a straight law for discriminate against LGBT people. This way, the LGBT are protected by the law most in this safe zone but not being imprisoned