Three Attributes of Product Delivery Success

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Three Attributes of Product Delivery Success by Mind Map: Three Attributes of Product Delivery Success

1. right team

1.1. right members

1.1.1. passionate/care deeply and curious

1.1.2. humble

1.1.3. smart soft skills EQ Growth mindset technical skills domain/contextual knowledge

1.2. right mindset

1.2.1. seek to maximise the speed of learning and the delivery of important business outcomes frequent and early validation and derisking of important assumptions/risks reflective time for improvements using the full collective skills and knowledge to amplify learning the work not done (simplicity) trim the tail YAGNI

1.2.2. seek to reduce the cost of change over time failure demand build quality in

1.2.3. perceive the work in terms of value-add and risk exposure and transparency of progress prioritise and work in consequence value benefit cost risk business people and systems technical cost/schedule

1.3. right dynamic

1.3.1. right trust and dependability

1.3.2. ease of collaboration/shared understanding and ownership equal contribution clarity of roles and responsibilities

1.3.3. right diversity cross-functional/end-to-end skills resilence diverse perspectives and backgrounds easy access to knowledge proximity to customers

2. right environment

2.1. right support

2.1.1. right trust and reward

2.1.2. right authority and sponsorship

2.2. right tools

2.2.1. help to lower transaction costs

2.2.2. help to reduce cost of change

2.3. right management systems

2.3.1. Lean/Kanban visualise work measure and manage flow limit WIP eliminate bottlenecks pull system: balance demand against throughput Just-In-Time decision-making Last Responsible Moment

3. right direction

3.1. a flag on the hill

3.1.1. clear and compelling vision

3.1.2. shared understanding, alignment and purpose

3.1.3. valuable/aligned with strategy

3.2. adaptive planning

3.2.1. flexibility and readiness for course correction comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty

3.2.2. seeking the right problem to solve understanding root causes/essence of desired impact

3.2.3. seeking the right solution explored the options last responsible moment decision-making simplest possible solution that could work

3.3. focus

3.3.1. not working on too many things

3.3.2. actually working on most important goals you can trace each small piece of work back to the most important goals