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Do we time children, when we DIEBEL test, because of the correlation between measures of information processing speed?

So what I am trying to say is, if the ability to process information quickly is related to intelligence, then is that why we feel the need to make kids read fast and recite their letters fast? Reading fast is suppose to benefit the children's intelligence and reading ability?

Intelligence is the ability to learn new information, in one or more areas, and take that information to a higher level.

Components of Intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence

Word smart

Logical-mathematical Intelligence

reasoning smart

Spatial Intelligence

picture smart

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

body smart

Interpersonal Intelligence

people smart

Intrapersonal Intelligence

self smart

Musical Intelligence

music smart


nature smart


How does one teach to such a broad range of intelligences?

How Children Aquire Intelligence

Starts in the womb

Prenatal care a must.  Mom must eat healthy, follow DR.s instruction

Infants and toddlers need interaction that provides opportunities to learn.

Academic preschool

Formal schooling

Environmental influences

Home environment, early nutrition, toxic substances, early intervention.