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1. Intelligence is the ability to learn new information, in one or more areas, and take that information to a higher level.

2. Components of Intelligence

2.1. Linguistic Intelligence

2.2. Logical-mathematical Intelligence

2.3. Spatial Intelligence

2.4. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

2.5. Interpersonal Intelligence

2.6. Intrapersonal Intelligence

2.7. Musical Intelligence

2.8. Naturalist

3. Do we time children, when we DIEBEL test, because of the correlation between measures of information processing speed?

4. Questions/Critiques

4.1. How does one teach to such a broad range of intelligences?

4.1.1. People who score high on one measure tend to score high on others as well.

5. How Children Aquire Intelligence

5.1. Starts in the womb

5.2. Infants and toddlers need interaction that provides opportunities to learn.

5.3. Academic preschool

5.4. Formal schooling

5.5. Environmental influences

5.6. Genetics