You Are Invited as a Very Special Guest to The Happiness Institute Housewarming: What Makes You C...

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You Are Invited as a Very Special Guest to The Happiness Institute Housewarming: What Makes You Come Alive? by Mind Map: You Are Invited as a Very Special Guest to The Happiness Institute Housewarming: What Makes You Come Alive?

1. Support: Connect with Friends or Collective Genius

1.1. Share Passions with Others

1.2. Co-Sense, *Co-Create*, Co-Evolve

1.3. Work Alone With Shared Resources

1.4. Ideate Solutions to Global Challenges

1.5. Launch a Weekly Meetup or Class

1.6. Kick It

1.7. Research Projects

1.7.1. Whole Economies

1.7.2. Open Education

1.7.3. What is Happiness?

1.8. Physical Network Map for All Present Vibrations

1.8.1. People

1.8.2. Emotions We're Carrying

1.8.3. White Elephants

1.8.4. Homies who couldn't make it

1.8.5. Loved Ones

2. Event Logistics

2.1. Sunday, August 7 · 6:00pm - 10:00pm

2.1.1. Come + Leave Anytime

2.2. The Happiness Institute, 1720 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102

2.2.1. (Market + Valencia)

2.3. www.thehappinessinstitute.​org

2.3.1. Show some love at​ppinessInstitute

2.4. This Housewarming is a Co-Created Event. What excites you? What are you itching to explore or try? Make your suggestions on this doc or email us at [email protected]

2.5. What to Bring (totally optional)

2.5.1. Your Creativity, Ideas, Projects, Work, Presence, and Any Questions, Feelings, and Friends you have you with at the time

2.5.2. Anything in your home that you'd prefer to see shared at HI. i.e. (lamps, art supplies, pillows, blankets, mugs, dishes, rags, costumes, cleaning supplies, snacks, tea, furniture, your own art, etc... here's a more detailed list too: http://www.thehappinessins​

3. New node

4. Space: 5000 sq ft open canvas for creativity + collaboration

4.1. Living room for Co-Chilling

4.2. Studio for Events

4.2.1. Sound Healing with Singing Bowls @ 7

4.2.2. Dancing

4.2.3. Can Atish Bring Beats? New node

4.3. Mediation Room for Being

4.4. Art Room for Co-creating

4.5. Office for Co-Flowing

4.6. Noosphere: Clear Collective Mind Space for Ideating and Being

4.6.1. Ideas to explore in this space what are happiness tools of future? ex: Love gun how do we measure happiness what does a life sustaining society look like what makes me come alive

4.7. Diversity of Space and Separation for Transitioning Among Energetic States

4.7.1. Quiet Spaces

4.7.2. Social Spaces

4.7.3. Collaborative Work Spaces

4.8. Space is a physical co-creation of all ideas and activities - a karmic space

4.8.1. Body Storming Session

4.8.2. Mind Mapping Session

4.8.3. Visioning / Headlining for Individuals

4.8.4. Milling to Connect

5. Structure: Tools and Toys to Play or Prototype

5.1. Do-acracy

5.2. Rules: Do what makes you come Alive

5.3. White Boards, Paper, Markers, Art Supplies Provided

5.3.1. Clay, Paper for Prototyping

5.4. Toolbox - Creative Thinking and Collaboration Tools for Exploration

5.5. Time, Space + Community to create your masterpiece, your life, your world

5.6. Class Offerings List

5.7. Gift Circles List

5.8. Calendar

5.9. Artifact Creation Tools aka Polaroids

5.10. If These Walls Could Ask Direct Questions, They would be...

5.11. Open Space Calendar for On the Fly Discussion Group / Event Booking

5.12. Quests