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History by Mind Map: History
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Ms. Quinn

Semester 1

The Rise of Europe, The Early Middle Ages, Feudalism and Manor Economy, The Medieval Church

The Muslim World, Rise of Islam, Islam Spreads, Golden Age of Muslim Civilization, Muslims in India, The Ottoman and Safavid Empires

Kingdoms and Trading States of Africa, Early Civilizations of Africa, Trade Routes of East Africa, Kingdoms of West Africa, Many Peoples, Many Traditions

Semester 2

The Renaissance and the Reformation, The Renaissance in Italy, The Renaissance move North, The Protestant Reformation, Reformation Ideas Spread, The Scientific Reformation

The Enlightment and the American Revolution, Philosophy in the Age of Reason, Enlightment Ideas Spread, Britain at mid-centuary, Birth of the American Republic

The French Revolution and Napolean, On the eve of Revolution, Creating a New France, Radical Days, The Age of Napolean begins, The end of an Era

Human Rights, UDHR