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My network by Mind Map: My network

1. Counselor

1.1. My counselor from a while ago can help me find connections and places hiring, and help me get the motivation I need.

2. My parents

2.1. Neighbor down the road

2.1.1. My neighbor down the road knows many people that run their own business and might need an assistant or more employees.

2.2. My parents have many coworkers and friends that would be hiring for helping out the community and helping others.

3. My friends

3.1. Friends mom

3.1.1. MY friends mom works at the college and there are many job opportunities for jobs, for example a janitor.

3.2. My friends parents know people within their work space, like managers and their boss, even their co workers. Also my friends work at Rona, Mcdonalds, so they could help me get a job there!

3.2.1. Midterm

4. My grandma

4.1. My grandma would know people from where she used to work, she used to be a bus driver for old folks homes, so there would be many opportunities for a job.

5. My aunt

5.1. My aunt also knows people from where she used to work. Her job was to help out others, she worked in a retirement home.

6. My uncle

6.1. My uncle is a doctor, and he would know many people that would be hiring.

6.1.1. Text book, exercises 34, 35, 36, 37

6.2. Doctor

6.2.1. My famiily doctor can help me get to know what working in the medical field is really like.

7. School Counselor

7.1. My counselor would help me find a job, and someone who has many connections.

8. My teacher

8.1. My teacher has many connections to a lot of careers, so i can talk to her about getting a job.