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Watts is Life by Mind Map: Watts is Life

1. The website will have a lot of white space and I will have images of myself as they reflect the content that I share on the website.

1.1. Content will be share weekly through an email list, facebook, instagram, twitter and pinterest.

1.2. The will be a home time and the pages will be on the tab row in no particular order

2. This page will consist of videos and pictures of my speaking engagements from when I go out into the community to speak to different audiences.

3. Speaking engagements

4. Young Professionals

4.1. Millennial in the work spaces

4.1.1. How to stand out from the rest How to best apply yourself in your field Professional Development

4.2. This is a page that will discuss my experiences as a young professional and best practices for my audience to apply in their life.

5. The College Experience

5.1. The Art of being a Successful College Student

5.1.1. PWI Experience HSI Experience HBCU Experience

5.2. This page will discuss things about the college experience from college readiness, institutional types, best practices in college, major exploration and how to make the most of the experience.

6. Entertainment

6.1. Concert experiences

6.1.1. Celebrity Inspiration Music Festivals

6.2. This tab is a page that will cover all things regarding entertainment and how I allow entertainment to influence my life by sharing stories about my favorite artist, how they inspire me and things I learned from them.

7. Motivational Speeches

8. Personal Development

8.1. Self-Care tips

8.1.1. Self-Awareness Self-Help Inspo

8.2. This page will be about best practices forn self-care and how to develop the whole self.

9. Entrepreneurship

9.1. Brand Development

9.1.1. Tips and Tricks Testimonials Updates

9.2. This page will cover everything there is to do and know about entrepreneurship.

10. Watts is Life is a platform that captures the real life experiences of Ms. Watts. The purpose of this space is educate, empower, celebrate and inspire millennial and young professionals to continuously level up in their life.

10.1. I will use wix as a host website and purchase their membership for $109 a year. I will purchase my domain from google for $12. I will use the template on the six site to design my own website for me. I will have a photoshoot using my cell phone and edit the photos myself to upload on my website.