Toolkit - Field Entomology

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Toolkit - Field Entomology by Mind Map: Toolkit - Field Entomology

1. Biobanking

1.1. Explainer: what is biobanking

1.2. Resources

1.2.1. Guideline: Biobanking

1.2.2. SOP: Biobanking field samples

1.2.3. Template: Biobanking field samples

1.2.4. SOP: Biobanking colony samples

1.2.5. Template: Biobanking colony samples

1.3. Case studies

1.3.1. 363 - Biobanking for DNA and RNA analysis

1.3.2. 364 - Biobanking samples for microscopy

1.4. Troubleshooting

1.5. How to reduce your biobanking freezer space

1.6. How to store squash buffer extraction plates

2. Mosquito collection

2.1. Explainer: types of traps

2.1.1. Fact sheet: Mosquito traps

2.1.2. 149: Choosing the right trap

2.1.3. 286. Surveying mosquitoes in Fiji

2.2. BG traps

2.2.1. Resources SOP: Mosquito collection using BG traps How to use the Field App for BG trap runs Example: BG trap fact sheet

2.2.2. Stories 274 Installing BG traps in Yogya 386. Setting up BG2 traps 13. Servicing a BG trap in Cairns 156 Managing traps in Nha Trang 345. Using ODK (Field App) for monitoring 425. Searching for BG trap hosts 432. Deploying traps in La Paz

2.2.3. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting guide: BG traps 3054. Reaching people in high rise buildings 323. Reducing BG trap collections

2.2.4. Links to activities Entomology survey [FE] IR survey [FE] Set up baseline monitoring network [FE]

2.3. Prokopacks

2.3.1. Stories 3052. Using Prokopacks in Colombia

2.3.2. Resources SOP: Mosquito collection using Prokopacks Example: Prokopack fact sheet

2.3.3. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting guide: Prokopacks

2.4. Ovitraps

2.4.1. Stories 158. Ovitraps in Townsville 390. Collecting wildtype mosquitoes for outcrossing

2.4.2. Resources SOP: Mosquito collection using ovitraps How to use the Field App for ovitrap runs How to calculate the number of ovitraps required Example: ovitrap fact sheet

2.4.3. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting guide: Ovitraps

2.4.4. Links to activities Collect wildtype mosquitoes for backcrossing [FE] insecticide resistance [FE]

2.5. Innovation/Scale up

2.5.1. What would the ideal trap do? exchange

2.5.2. Rolling deployment during large scale release

2.5.3. What to do when you can't find mosquitoes

2.6. Training

2.7. Exchange

3. Working in the community

3.1. Explainer: why is CE important for field teams

3.1.1. 26. Embracing Engagement

3.2. Resources

3.2.1. Guideline: Staff induction training

3.2.2. Guideline: Hiring and training FE staff

3.2.3. Global messaging

3.2.4. example Fact Sheets (WMP, Wolbachia, traps)

3.3. Stories

3.3.1. 6010. Early CE training for the field team.

3.3.2. 88. Tri Nguyen's advocay team - engaging community stakeholders

3.3.3. 172. Community facilitators in Paris - local volunteers used for CE activities

3.3.4. 26. Embracing Engagement

3.3.5. 237. Building a community engagement team

3.3.6. 387. Working in dangerous areas

3.3.7. 398. Staying safe in Medellin

3.3.8. 274. Installing BG traps in Yogyakarta

3.3.9. 39. Print matters

3.3.10. 7014. PAM (explainer)

3.4. Troubleshooting

3.4.1. 65: Extreme weather

3.4.2. 3054. Reaching people in high-rise buildings

3.4.3. 387. Working in dangerous areas

3.4.4. 365. Involving all team members in community engagement

3.4.5. 3004. Removing BG traps afer years of engagement

3.5. Links to activities

3.5.1. Entomology survey [FE]

3.5.2. Monitoring [FE]

3.5.3. Egg releases [FE]

3.5.4. Stakeholder engagement [PC]"

3.6. Innovation/Scale up

3.6.1. Finding BG hosts in complex cities

3.6.2. Effective community engagement at scale

3.6.3. Involving the community in releases

3.7. Training

3.8. Exchange

4. Insecticide resistance

4.1. Introduction

4.2. 80. Improving insecticide resistance

4.3. IR surveys

4.3.1. Stories 255. Mapping insecticide resistance across Nha Trang.

4.3.2. Resources Guidelines: Surveying IR in Aedes aegypti populations Online tool: IR mapper (for mapping and viewing the insecticide resistance of mosquito populations)

4.4. IR tests – bioassays

4.4.1. Resources Guidelines: Monitoring and managing insecticide resistance in Aedes mosquito populations (WHO) SOP: Test procedures for insecticide resistance monitoring in malaria vector mosquitoes (WHO) SOP: Testing insecticide resistance by bioassay Template: IR graph

4.4.2. Troubleshooting 3042. A bioassay tube trick

4.5. IR tests – kdr tests

4.5.1. Resources SOP: Testing insecticide resistance by kdr qPCR (96-well)

4.5.2. Stories 3033. Kdr tests for insecticide resistance

4.6. Links to activities (TBC)

4.6.1. Gather information on local entomology [FE]

4.6.2. IR survey [FE]

4.6.3. Post-backcrossing health check of release colony [MP]

4.6.4. Pre-release health check of release colony [MP]

5. Core Data

5.1. see Data & Digital Toolkit

6. Process field samples

6.1. see Mosquito Production Toolkit

7. Mosquito releases

7.1. Introduction

7.1.1. 333. Comparing adult to egg releases

7.1.2. 369. Adults or eggs?

7.2. Planning a release

7.2.1. Stories (refining & mapping release area) 355 Ground-truthing release maps 340. Choosing release sites 277. Scoping a new release site 398. Staying safe in Medellin 220 Simple release maps 332 Releasing mosquitoes on a grid 413 Planning vehicle releases

7.2.2. Stories (planning & managing release) 212. Managing the logistics of a field trial 213. Managing the daily tasks of a large team 266 Planning community releases 303 Practice Release

7.2.3. Resources Guidelines: Developing a release and monitoring plan Guidelines: Community rmosquito releases Guidelines: Practice release

7.2.4. Links to activities Practice release [PC+FE] Release [FE]

7.3. Releasing mosquito eggs

7.3.1. Stories 265 Adapting to eggs 19. Developing MRCs 125. How to make an MRC 83. How to deploy an MRC 411. Servicing mosquito release containers 372. Checking hatch rates in release containers 373. Deploying MRCs in public areas 117. Rapid deployment, city-wide 94. Engaging school children to release mosquitoes 136. Transporting eggs

7.3.2. Troubleshooting 177. Quality assurance for egg releases 347. Moving mosquito release containers 124. Hatching trouble

7.3.3. Resources Guide: Choosing a mosquito release container SOP: Releasing mosquitoes - Eggs SOP: Using Field app for egg release runs Example: MRC label

7.3.4. Links to activities

7.4. Releasing adult mosquitoes

7.4.1. Stories 334 Releasing adult mosquitoes in Charters Towers 338 Choosing a cup for rearing and releases 337 Rearing mosquitoes for release 315. Simple rearing for release 3003. Finding the right cup for adult releases 3009. Adapting adult release cups 3063. Improving release bags 3064. Improving motorbike releases

7.4.2. Troubleshooting 359. Investigating fail rates in adult release cups 3059. Honey for release tubes

7.4.3. Resources Guide: Choosing an adult release container SOP: Releasing mosquitoes - Adults SOP: Preparing adult mosquitoes for remote release (cupping) SOP: Using Field app for adult release runs

7.4.4. Links to activities

7.5. Innovation/Scale up

7.5.1. Large scale release

7.5.2. Involving the community in releases

7.5.3. Drones