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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My Mom and Dad

1.1. The own their own business which gives me a lot of options to work in restaurants. They also have a lot of friends who are managers or bosses of their own business.

2. My Older Brother Kevin

2.1. He's a teacher so he had to find a lot of connections to get into the school district. He also has a few friends and his wife in the area i would like to work in.

3. My Girlfriend Amelia

3.1. She lives in lake country so she can search for job openings in a smaller town that could potentially get me a job.

4. My Nana

4.1. She works as a nurse and i want to be in the medical field so she can tell me if there are any openings

5. My Best Friend Michaella

5.1. Her parents find work all the time and have a lot of friends that are always looking for people to work for them.

6. My Friends dad named Jack

6.1. He works in construction and has some contractor buddies i could see for work

7. Mrs. Walters (career centre)

7.1. She works at the school career centre and helps students find part time and summer jobs all the time.

8. Mrs. Chelsea Thompson

8.1. She has a lot of friends in a bunch of diverse communities so i could see if some people are looking for workers.

9. My dad's friend Mat

9.1. He works as a employer and tries to find people to hire for different businesses

10. Health educator

10.1. My brother knows a health educator and I find that interesting especially the health aspect so they could help me figure out how to get to that point in a job.

11. My doctor, Dr segers

11.1. He deals with lots of patients and someone has got to be looking for work. I could try working under him too.

12. My Hairdresser

12.1. Doing a lot of peoples hair they got to know if someone is having job openings.