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NoRedInk by Mind Map: NoRedInk

1. Learning objective/goals

1.1. ISTE Learning Standards

1.1.1. 1. Empowered Learner: Students leverage technology to take an active role in choosing, achieving and demonstrating competency in their learning goals, informed by the learning sciences.

1.1.2. 5. Computational Learner: Students develop and employ strategies for understanding and solving problems in ways that leverage the power of technological methods to develop and test solutions.

1.2. Missouri Learning Standards

1.2.1. Writing W3A: Review, revise, and edit writing with consideration for the task, purpose, and audience.

1.3. Students will be able to:

1.3.1. Master a variety of grammatical topics through online lessons and practice.

1.3.2. Apply what they have learned to their own writing.

1.3.3. Write in full sentences, use evidence, and create paragraphs.

1.3.4. Master topics at a desired pace

2. Assessment

2.1. Formative

2.1.1. Practice quizzes

2.2. Summative

2.2.1. Demonstration of knowledge and mastery in writing

2.3. Mastery quizzes

3. Teacher roles

3.1. Ensure students understand how to incorporate mastered topics into their writing

3.2. Ensuring students have goals for mastery

3.3. Teaching further lessons on grammar

3.4. Planning concepts that need mastery for specific topics

3.5. Model use of grammar in writing

3.6. Monitor student progress

3.7. Create a positive learning environment

4. Learning activities

4.1. Mastery quizzes

4.2. Interactive technological lessons

4.2.1. Video lessons

4.2.2. Typing lessons

4.3. Incorporating learned topics into own writing

4.4. Practice quizzes

4.5. Writing journals: students will keep journals for progress checks

5. 7th grade Language Arts

5.1. Writing skills

5.1.1. Use of voice

5.1.2. Creating sentences and paragraphs

5.1.3. Incorporating evidence

5.2. Grammar skills

5.2.1. Use of punctuation

5.2.2. Use of various parts of speech

5.2.3. Spelling practice

5.2.4. Sentence and paragraph structure