Red Ibex Org Chart

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Red Ibex Org Chart by Mind Map: Red Ibex Org Chart

1. RLA Business Manager

1.1. Marketing Managed by RED IBEX Marketing

1.2. Sales and Relationship Management

1.2.1. RLA Editorial Content Calendar

1.2.2. Community Manager

1.2.3. Affiliate Manager

1.2.4. Collaborator / Partners Manager In house Jason etc. Instructors and content collaborators

1.2.5. Drip Email Manager

1.2.6. Customer Happiens Specialist Retention Answers Refunds Support Failed Payments

1.3. Operations

1.3.1. Product Creation

1.3.2. Accounting

1.3.3. RLA Product / Course Creations

1.3.4. Thinkific Manager

2. RRG Business Manager

2.1. Sales and Relationship Management

2.1.1. Customer Support Zendesk Drift Chats Emails

2.1.2. Quote Support

2.1.3. Customer Service Calls

2.1.4. Setting Up PO Accoutns and Paperwrok

2.2. Operations

2.2.1. Accounting

2.2.2. Order Processing Vendor Comm Confirmations Back Orders Tracking Info Refunds and Exchanges Manage Trello Board Process PO's and Woo Orders

2.2.3. Woo Product Mainteniece

2.2.4. Store Tech Support - Via Red Ibex

2.3. Marketing Managed by RED IBEX Marketing

3. Raven

3.1. Sales and Relationship Management

3.2. Operations

4. Red Ibex Marketing Business Manager - Duane

4.1. Marketing Deverable

4.2. Sales and Relationship Management

4.3. Operations

4.3.1. Accounting

5. Red IBEX Solutions -MIND MAP: