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Hyperthyroidism by Mind Map: Hyperthyroidism

1. Signs & Symptoms

1.1. Weight loss

1.2. Rapid and irregular heartbeat

1.3. Mood swings

1.4. Fatigue or muscle weakness

1.5. Enlarged goiter

2. Treatment

2.1. Beta blockers

2.1.1. Dosn't cure however, helps with symptoms until medication takes effect

2.2. Anti thyroid medicine

2.2.1. Methimazole

2.2.2. Tapazole

2.2.3. Iodine

2.3. Radio iodine treatment

2.3.1. you take radioactive iodine by mouth as a capsule or liquid. The radioactive iodine slowly destroys the cells of the thyroid gland that produce thyroid hormone

2.4. Thyroid surgery

2.4.1. Removal of entire or part of thyroid

3. Etiology

3.1. Graves disease

3.1.1. Graves disease is an autoimmune disorder in which hyperthyroidism and goitre are caused by thyroid-stimulating antibodies.

3.2. Toxic multinodular goitre

3.3. Plummer disease.

4. Risk factors

4.1. Gender

4.2. Smoking

4.3. High intake of iodine

4.4. Stress