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Intelligence by Mind Map: Intelligence
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Components/ Theoretical Perspectives of Intelligence

Cattell: Their ability to acquire knowledge quickly and thereby to adapt to new situations

Sternberg's model of intelligence: intelligence behavior involves enviornmental context, prior experience, and cognitive process

Gardner suggest that edcuators must embrace the human potential and porpose that all student can successfully master classroom subject mater when the instruction capitalize on their intellectual strenghts

How do children acquire intelligence?

Hereditary influences how children acquire intelligence

Eviornment influneces how children acquire intelligence

Play experiences influence how children acquire intelligence

Discriminatory practices influence how children acquire intelligence

Definition: Intelligence is one's ability to take in new information, process the information than apply the information to new and old experiences

Questions/Critiques about intelligence

Since intelligence is unique for each individual how do educators captialize on this quality during instruction?

Why are IQ scores so highly rated when they do not reflect children's development over a period of years?

All individuals have some level of intelligence.

The speed which an individual process effects their intelligence.