Brent Fallon ADHD/ADD mind map

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Brent Fallon ADHD/ADD mind map by Mind Map: Brent Fallon ADHD/ADD mind map

1. Behavior Problems

1.1. ADHD can cause children to have behavioral problems. These problems can include; being defiant, being easily angered, arguing with adults, etc.

2. Learning Disorders

2.1. ADHD can cause many learning problems. Some of the many problems are; difficulty reading, difficulty writing, and difficulty focusing.

3. Anxiety and Depression

3.1. ADHD can cause anxiety and depression in many people. Examples of anxiety include separation anxiety, and social anxiety. Examples of depression include feeling sad or hopeless and not wanting to do things that are fun.

4. Risk of Injuries

4.1. Children with ADHD are more likely to get hurt or injured than kids without ADHD. This is because people with ADHD tend to be more reckless and impulsive than those without ADHD.

5. Difficulty Maintaining Friendships

5.1. Children with ADHD have a harder time maintaining relationships with peers than children without ADHD. This is because children with ADHD can be hyperactive and impulsive.