Design research

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Design research by Mind Map: Design research

1. Kuantitatif

1.1. Experimental design

1.1.1. Grup design True experiment Quasi experiment Factorial experiment

1.1.2. Grup or individual design Time series experiment Interupted Equivalent Repeated measures experiment Singel subject experiment

1.2. Correlation experiment

1.2.1. The explanation experiment

1.2.2. The prediction experiment Predi tor variable Criterion variable

1.3. Survey designs

1.3.1. Cross sectional survey design Group comparasions National assesment

1.3.2. Longitudinal survey designs Trend Cohort Panel

2. Kualitatif

2.1. Grounded theory designs

2.1.1. The systematic design

2.1.2. The emerging design

2.1.3. The construcfivist design

2.2. Ethnographic designs

2.2.1. The realis ethnographies design

2.2.2. The case study design

2.2.3. The critical ethnography design

2.3. Narrative research designs

2.3.1. Autobiographies

2.3.2. Biographies

2.3.3. Life history

3. Campuran

3.1. Mixed methods designs

3.1.1. The convergent parallel design

3.1.2. The explanatory sequential design

3.1.3. The exploratory sequential design

3.1.4. The embedded design

3.1.5. The transformative design

3.1.6. The multiphase design

3.2. Action research designs

3.2.1. Practical action research design

3.2.2. Participatory action research design