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Intelligence by Mind Map: Intelligence

1. Components

1.1. Intelligence is influenced by three elements. Environmental context , prior experiences and cognitive processes.

1.1.1. Environmental context helps the child adat to his or her way of living. The child must use their intelligence to identify what the problem is and how to adjust it to fit their needs. Experiences also play a major role. Ihe child will learn how to appraoch situations just like perivous ones. Once they have dealt with similar circumstances they will automaticly know what do to next time. Cognitive processes is what the person think about that specfic task. interpreting the new circumstance as a way to make things better.

2. Definition

2.1. Our group believes intelligence is learning a concept at a faster pace than others. It also invovles in having better understandings in new situations and experiences. Being able to be successful.

3. Children

3.1. We believe that children acquire their intelligence by their parents behavior. Parents are a major influenced in the child's life. Therefore, if the parent is consistent of their child reading every night and finishing homework, the child will attain those habits.