The Social Family

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The Social Family by Mind Map: The Social Family

1. Teacher models and helps guide discussions through the teaching of four strategies: summarizing, generating questions, predicting, and clarifying.

2. End Goals of TRIBES

2.1. Enhance student achievement.

2.2. Enhance potential of students.

2.3. Learning enhanced through teamwork.


3.1. A process for learning and being together which ensures the development of every child.

3.2. Group work based on four values:

4. Reciprocal Teaching

4.1. Students become teachers in small group reading sessions.

4.2. End Goal...

4.2.1. Help students learn and actively monitor their comprehension.

5. Cognitive Apprenticeship

5.1. Interaction in social or cultural activity where adult is more skilled.

5.2. Skills Involved

5.2.1. Modeling: showing how process unfolds, and giving reasons why.

5.2.2. Coaching: process of overseeing the students learning.

5.2.3. Scaffolding: temporary platform for students to work at their level.

5.2.4. Articulation: Verbalizing knowledge of skills.

5.2.5. Reflection: students analyze their performance.

5.2.6. Exploration: students obtain knowledge for themselves.