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1. 3 fundamental elements

1.1. The process

1.2. The content

1.3. The recipient

2. Definition of education

2.1. Something progressively instilled into man.

2.1.1. al-haywan al-natiq (rational animal) rational aql ( عقل ) as an organic unity reason man is possessed of an inner faculty that formulates meaning (i.e dhu nutq) natiq nutq basic meaning of speech signify a certain power and capacity in man to articulate words in meaningful pattern.

2.1.2. language animal AQL the articulation of linguistic symbols into meaningful patterns is outward, visible and audible expression of the inner and unseen reality signifies an innate property that binds and withholds objects of knowledge by means of words a spiritual substance by which the rational soul (al-nafs al-natiqah النفس الناطقة ) recognizes and distinguishes truth from falsehood. signifies a kind of 'binding' or 'withholding' aql = qalb

2.2. A process of instilling something into human beings.

2.2.1. a process of instilling the method by which ‘education’ is gradually imparted

2.2.2. something the content of what is instilled

2.2.3. human beings the recipient of both the process and the content.

3. Definition

3.1. By hadd

3.1.1. a precise or concise specification of the distinctive characteristic of a thing

3.2. By rasm

3.2.1. a description of the nature of a thing e.g. Definition of knowledge epistemological definition recognition of the proper places of things in the order of creation, such that it leads to the recognition of the proper place of God in the order of being and existence. tafsir and ta'wil 'something'

4. recognition and acknowledgement, progressively instilled into man, of the proper places of things in the order of creation, such that it leads to the recognition and acknowledgement of the proper place of God in the order of being and existence.

5. Adab ( أدب)

5.1. Definition

5.1.1. discipline of body, mind and soul

5.1.2. a reflection of wisdom

5.1.3. spectacle (mashhad: مشهد) of justice as it is reflected by wisdom.

5.1.4. recognition and acknowledgement of the reality that knowledge and being are ordered hierarchically according to their various grades and degrees of rank, and of one’s proper place in relation to that reality and to one’s physical, intellectual and spiritual capacities and potentials

5.2. Man of adab

5.2.1. encompassing the spiritual and material life of man

5.2.2. before a man became manifested as man, he.... has sealed an individual covenant (mithaq: ميثاق ) collectively with God has recognized and acknowledged God as Lord (al-rabb: الرب ) when he witnessed unto his self affirmed ‘Yea!’ (bala) to God’s ‘Am I not your Lord? (alastu bi rabbikum)

5.2.3. before a man assumed physical form he has been equipped with: the faculty of spiritual cognition (ma'rifah) the ability to recognize and acknowledge, by the fact of what he said in affirmation (qawl) through his intellectual power of speech (nutq) the reality and truth of his existential condition in relation to his Lord

5.2.4. the rational soul (al-nafs al-natiqah) men of spiritual discernment

5.2.5. the animal soul (al-nafs al-hayawaniyyah) manifestation in physical form