Robert Wallace

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Robert Wallace by Mind Map: Robert Wallace


2. Family Members that did something important: His father was in the Washington Co. Militia. His father was born in 1721 and died in 1808.

2.1. His father Had to take an Oath of Allegiance after the Whiskey rebellion was over along with many other men. Saying that they will support the Constitution.

2.1.1. link:

3. Township: Morris Township

3.1. Interesting Story: Robert Wallace lived in the Village of Prosperity which he named and he founded it and built the first house.

4. Where they came from: His whole family came from Ireland and he was born on the way over to America. In 1804

4.1. His father was Robert Wallace and his mother was Esther Walkingshaw but his mother was killed by Indians.

4.2. Brothers/sisters: Unknown

5. Birth date: 1804

5.1. Death date: unknown

6. Impact on the Future:Robert Wallace had and impact on the future by building the first house and founding Prosperity it led to 14 other dwellings being built, a church,businesses,a school, and more.

6.1. LInk:

7. His family settled in McGuffey School District in 1848.

8. Wife: Unknown

8.1. Children: Unknown