Hygiene phase (Phase I)

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Hygiene phase (Phase I) by Mind Map: Hygiene phase (Phase I)

1. Remove supra & subgingival plaque and calculus

2. Patient motivation

2.1. Active participation

2.2. Patient recognizes

3. Self-performed plaque control methods

3.1. Mechanical methods

3.1.1. Tooth brushing Manual toothbrush Short-headed brushes Straight-cut rounded-end Soft to medium nylon bristle Straight or angled handle fit Powered toothbrush Patients with orthodontic appliances

3.1.2. Interdental cleansing Dental floss and tape Toothpick Interdental brush Small children or handicapped pateints Single tufted brush Furcation entrance Special area Gauze strip

3.2. Chemical methods

3.2.1. Adjunct

3.2.2. Handicaps

3.2.3. After oral or periodontal surgery

4. Removal of retention factors for plaque

4.1. Remove calculus

4.2. Extraction hopeless teeth

4.3. Orthodontic tooth movement

4.4. Treatment of food impaction areas

4.5. Correction poorly fitting restorative & prosthetic devices

4.6. Restoration or temp of carious lesion

4.7. Treatment occlusal trauma

5. Scaling and root planing

5.1. Removed softed cementum --> hard & smooth root surface