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1. IMC is a strategic business process used to plan, develop, execute and evaluate coordinated, measurable, persuasive brand communication programs with consumers, customers, prospects employees and other relevant external and internal audiences.

1.1. The goal of IMC is to generate short-term financial returns and build long-term brand value.

2. Recognized as a business process

3. Multiple relevant audiences

4. Demand for accountability and Measurement of Outcomes

5. The Marketing Plan

5.1. A detailed situation analysis

5.2. A marketing strategy and program

5.3. A program for implementing the strategy

5.4. Specific marketing objectives

5.5. A process for monitoring and evaluating performance

6. Target Audience

6.1. Broadcast media (TV/radio)

6.2. Print media (newspapers, magazines )

6.3. Public Relations/ publicity

6.4. Internet/ interactive

6.5. Direct marketing

6.6. Sales Promotion

6.7. Product placements (TV and movies)

6.8. Events and sponsorship

6.9. Word-of-mouth

6.10. Point-of-purchase (displays, packaging)

6.11. Personal selling

6.12. Out-of-home media

7. Basic Elements of the Promotional Mix

7.1. Advertising

7.1.1. Consumers National Advertising Retail/Local Advertising Primary vs. Selective Demand Advertising

7.1.2. Organizations Business-to-Business Advertising Professional Advertising Trade Advertising

7.2. Direct Marketing

7.2.1. Direct Response Advertising

7.2.2. Direct Mail

7.2.3. Telemarketing

7.2.4. Catalogs

7.2.5. Shopping Channels

7.2.6. Internet Sales

7.3. Interactive/ Internet Marketing

7.3.1. Educates or informs customers

7.3.2. A persuasive advertising medium

7.3.3. A sales tool or an actual sales vehicle

7.3.4. Obtains customer database information

7.3.5. Communicates and interacts with buyers

7.3.6. Provides customer service and support

7.3.7. Builds and maintains customer relationships

7.4. Sales Promotion

7.4.1. Introduce new products

7.4.2. Get existing customers to buy more

7.4.3. Attract new customers

7.4.4. Maintain sales in off season

7.4.5. Increase retail inventories

7.4.6. Tie in advertising & personal selling

7.4.7. Enhance personal selling Sales Promotion

7.4.8. Combat competition

7.5. Publicity/Public Relations

7.5.1. Publicity Vehicle Interviews Feature Articles News Releases News Releases Press Conferences

7.5.2. Public Relations Tools Corporate Advertising Cause-related Marketing Publicity Vehicles Community Activities Public Affairs Activities Special Publications Special Event Sponsorship

7.6. Personal Selling