Film Production

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Film Production by Mind Map: Film Production

1. Creating an idea that is all my own, exactly how I picture it in my head sounds cool.

2. Education

2.1. You will need a High School diploma, bachelors degree in the field of film, communications,journalism or arts management.

3. Salary

3.1. 105,550 dollars is the mean salary for a regularly producing film maker.

3.1.1. Big Hollywood producers make millions on a single project while the lower 25 percentile producers make 45,400

4. Experience needed

4.1. * High School diploma and a film degree

4.1.1. Working as a runner or production assistant helps a lot. Get as much experience as you need. Runners; The youngest members of the production team, helps out wherever they are needed.

5. Hours

5.1. Regular hours 8am-5pm everyday

5.1.1. Because movie sets are so hectic, the hours you are working are varied The typical filming day takes 10-12 hours The producer will ask more of you so you can attend meetings and even travel abroad to work on projects. The work will not be easy

6. Why am I interested?

7. In 8th grade I took TV and radio class. I loved recording a commercial and editing it with software. Shooting different angles and finding the best lighting. Adding music and special effects was so fun.

8. When My aunt talks about traveling to cool places to film, it gets me really excited to maybe one day be a part of the production world. She always worked on the costumes for the the cranberry bog commercials. I love the idea of going to cool places I've never been before for my job.

9. Internships

9.1. The Massachusetts film office, offers internships once a semester to only 3 kids. I would be answering phones, taking photos of possible filming locations, updating media and much more.

9.1.1. The MFO has worked on movies such as, Manchester by the sea, stronger and growing pains.

10. Videographer/ Documentary Filmmaker internship with station 1.

10.1. At this internship I will, stage and film video footage all across eastern Mass, Create and write scrips, Edit video with software.

10.1.1. Station one is a nonprofit organization that stands for higher education across america

11. Research Questions

11.1. How much creative freedom do filmmakers have while Recreating literature? How can they make movies their own, without changing the book too much?

11.1.1. Although annoying, changing books to be more fit for the screen is probably a good call. Changing the plot is a bad idea, where if the ending of the book and movie are competently different, the producer has made a mistake. But many things can be described in a book that can not be shown on screen. For example many producers do not like to show the characters thinking because it makes their work sound childish. But in a book writing what the character is thinking is easy and encouraged. It makes the book better. So If you are watching the movie version of your favorite book, and get annoyed because there's a part missing, it was probably put there for a reason. Another way to look at it is the average book has somewhere around 100,000 and 175,000 words. But the average screenplay has only 7,500- 10,000 words. When remaking a book into a screenplay, the book is cut by almost 90 percent to even fit into the length of a movie. There are bound to be some things left out. Most times changing a book slightly to make your movie better is acceptable, other times its not. One example of this is in the movie "My Sisters Keeper" When the producer was asking the author of this book, Jodi Picoult, permission to remake her book, she said yes. But her one request wad to not change the ending of the book. The producer changed it anyways. In the book one character ends up dying in a car crash but donates her organs to her sister who is has cancer. the sister survives. But in the movie both sisters die.

11.2. Is it hard to be as creative as possible when there are financial and other restrictions? How do Producers on a budget deal with this? What are the easiest ways to make a great production on a low budget.

11.2.1. One tip for spending less money id to shoot at places that cost a very little amount. ex, motel or an apartment. Invest some money on lighting, a shot can be ruined if the lighting is bad. Having good lighting all the time, is a must have. This can help sets look expensive even when they are not. An example of using a low budget to make an amazing project is the Netflix original movie, first match. Its about a girl who joins the boys wrestling team at her high school to feel closer to her dad, who was the best on the team. she does this to bend with him after h e gets out of jail. The production team accomplished such a great movie on a low budget by, filming in locations around brook line and renting all equipment. While most big Netflix movies cost over 65 million. This movie was created with only 400,000 dollars. This film continues to get great reviews all over the internet.

11.3. How do producers deal with controversy in their movies? What happens if there is a racist, sexist, political or other offensive comment? Because they cant change them, how do they deal with backlash if they've offended anyone?

11.3.1. On the set of A Dogs Purpose, The controversy was that there may have been some animal abuse involving one of the dogs. The dog was feeling scared because of the water the producer was making him swim underwater, multiple times just for a good shot. The producer hasn't spoken about this problem yet but many other people say that for the future, instead of hiring a straw man, to get professional help that will know whats best for the animals. In another example, a movie called Ghost in the Shell where producers seem to be whitewashing Asian roles. The film is set in japan and the cast was supposed to be all Asian. But Scarlet Johansson was cast as the main role. Why would a white woman be cast when the clear choice is a Japanese woman? This same thing seems to be happening all over Hollywood as well. The producer has offended many people of Asian culture and has since made the movie with Scarlet, even after a petition was signed to recast her character. Producers do take credit for their mistakes most of the time. when the controversy over Characters of the same importance, getting paid drastically different amounts on the TV show "The Crown" broke out, the producer took full responsibility right away. He is working now on getting equal pay for everyone even with the current money troubles they are having.